What is PayPal Friends and Family?

Hello reader, and welcome to CyberConnect NG. In this article, I’ll explain to you what is PayPal Friends and Family.

We’ll also discuss about the fees and how to send money with it.

What is PayPal Friends and Family?

As you already know, PayPal is an international payment company tht allows it’s user to send and receive money from anywhere around the globe.

There are various functionalities on Paypal platform. Of which the major we’re talking about is the send money via friends and family.

Not all PayPal available counties have the option to send as friends and family, but is it is available in your country, you can send for free.

Your receiver gets the actual amount you send through friends and family.

For example, if you send $100 to a friend through friends and family option, you friend gets the exact value sent.

Most cases, if you’re sending funds from country A with the friends and family option to country B, you as the sender pays a certain fee not more than $5 for the transaction. But, the receiver gets the exact amount.

PayPal Friends and Family funds transfer are instant and available for use immediately in the receiver’s wallet.

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