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5 Tips For New Bloggers To Survive Blogging

tips for new bloggers
Written by CyberHope

Every day, the blogging world (blogosphere) is expanding. Everyone wants to own a blog if not to make money but for entertainment. well, when you blog for passion, money rolls in. This brings about my 5 tips for new bloggers to survive in blogging.

I have highlighted 5 tips new bloggers must know about their blog if you don’t want to be the runaway type…(sorry for that word but that’s the fact).

5 Tips For New Bloggers To Survive Blogging

tips for new bloggers

1. Never Switch

Switching is very common among new bloggers, you can switch anything, it might be theme/template, plugins/add-on, niches and so on.

Anything you change from its normal state is switching.

I remembered when I started blogging, I made this mistake too. I would change my theme every time I find a more decent one.

This killed my blog’s traffic and also I do change niches, I may be on technology news this week and by next week, I am on the blogging tutorial niche.

This is not a good action and it kills blog and determination.

2. Never be Afraid or Shy

This is funny right?

But that’s the point.

Being afraid or shy kills your blog 95%.

Why 95%?

I gave this score because your blog’s success depends on you.

If you are afraid to share your blog on social media and think you will be spamming others, it’s bad.

If you are in a niche that warrants you to interview an expert in your niche and you are thinking approaching the expert will make no yield because your blog is new and small, you are damn wrong.

Everything warrants boldness, Spam the hell out of social media and be kicked out (which is rear) and attain your goals.

I do spam groups and pages too on Facebook and I see good results on statistics.

3. Don’t Stay on Your Blog

No, get me right with this.

Ask yourself these questions:

who owns the blog? ME!

Is the blog running away? NO!

Then why do you have to keep watching and wasting time there, you have work to do friend.

Go out there and advertise, if you can’t do paid adverts, go and join forums and make comments referring to your blog posts in a good way to avoid ban.

Time waits for no one, leave that coding, even leave SEO at first.

Get that traffic and then do your SEO.

4. No Damn Adverts!

Though it’s cool to monetize a blog from day one. But, it does look frustrating to visitors if placed in a bad order.

Don’t loiter your blog with ads, its not a PTC site uhm.

Okay, just eradicate them for now, give your visitors space to browse for now and then you can have them occupied later…

5. Patience

Yes, you need to have this, without this, blogging is nothing.

It takes over three years for blogs to glow, so why rushing, ask the big fishes in the game, they have lot to say.

With all these words piled together, I think you know what it means now to own a blog and what to do. Never be on the runaway side!!! *winks..

Give much of your time to content writing and sharing.

you can check out our blogging section where we teach how to blog and become successful with it.

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