Promote Affiliate Products As A Beginner

Hi readers, I’m here today with another educative and understandable content on the best ways to promote affiliate products for newbies.

This simply means if you are new to affiliate marketing, this affiliate product or service promotion techniques guide is for you.

Recently, Affiliate marketing has been the talk on the internet. Every business makes use of this system.

Just that the programming might be different.

With no long talk, let me explain how affiliate marketing works in a simple way;

How affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is the promoting and selling of other people’s inventory (physical or digital product), and upon every sale you make, the owner of the inventory pays you a certain amount.

This means that you do not need to create any product. All required of you is your marketing skills which you will be paid for.

Like I mentioned earlier, we will be discussing the marketing skills or techniques you will implement for a better affiliate marketing jorney.

Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Marketing products For Newbies

Best Ways To Promote Affiliate products For Newbies

Affiliate marketing cannot make you rich overnight, It requires time, devotion, and persistence.

You shouldn’t expect instant results, except you’re using paid advertisements.

What I will be sharing with you are pure free affiliate promotional methods. They are working well.

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Facebook is the no.1 on my list. It is filled with the targeted audience.

I will summarize the steps as short as possible and I promise it’s understandable.

All you need here is to create another Facebook account and set a state in the USA (or product selling country) as your state/town. You can use your personal account if you wish to.

But, I won’t recommend that.

Then, search for groups related to your product.

If you’re promoting a flat tummy product, know that you will search for flat tummy groups.

If it’s weight loss, search for weight loss.

Join active groups as much as you can. Then visit the member’s section.

You will see members from the state you provided on your state of residence from your Facebook profile.

Add as many as you like as friends.

Then chat them up and build the relationship.

Introduce your product to them and prove to them it’s working.


You can download before and after pictures from google, or go to youtube and download testimonial videos.

Share these proofs with them and watch how your sales will pop up.


The same technique applies to Instagram and Twitter.

Don’t send more than 50 requests daily to avoid account ban.

Sending 50 users messages daily for 20 days means 1000 targeted customers.


Here, you will need to write a compelling article on your product.

The content shouldn’t be less than 300 words. But, the more the words, the chances of more visibilities.

You can give this to a writer on fiverr for just $5.

Create a fiverr account here and buy any service.

You can use any of the writers below.

After having the article done, create accounts on medium and quora.

Kindly note that if you’re posting on the 2 websites, you will need 2 different articles.

Do not post the same article on both websites.

Search for your related product groups and post your article there.

Then leave it for the magic.


Like I mentioned earlier, results aren’t instant. It takes weeks if not even months to see results.

Practice these steps for different products and watch your sales within a few months.

These best ways to promote affiliate products for newbies work well.

Remember, Dedication, Time and Persistence guarantee a good result.

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