PiggyVest Review: Savings And Investment App In Nigeria

There are many investment platforms out there; nevertheless, among the top investment platforms in  Nigeria is piggyvest. Piggybank.ng was the original name of the platform. However, as Piggyvest added investment features to its service, it became Piggyvest.

piggyvest review

PiggyVest Review

Some of us grew up with the discipline of saving money and taking money from our income. But many of us have never been disciplined with money. We are constantly compelled to spend, even if it doesn’t cost us. But there’s no reason we can’t maintain a disciplined financial life with solutions like Piggyvest, which makes saving easy and fun.

We had a way to save money when we were young. Once we were sure that the small box was complete, we would add money to it and then smash it to get the money. We were proud to have been able to save that much.

Fintech startup, which recognized the need to address Nigeria’s saving culture, launched its savings platform to help Nigerians save more money and earn while saving. In essence, it’s your piggy bank in digital form.

PiggyVest was launched to cater to Nigerians’ saving needs and help them develop a disciplined saving lifestyle. Joshua Chibueze and Somto Ifezue founded the platform. It now has more than 2 million users. Piggybank was its original name, but it was later renamed PiggyVest.

Piggyvest allows you to save money and make money. Piggyvest pays good interest, unlike banks that give very little or no interest on savings. Piggyvest won’t charge you extra for things like card maintenance fees, alert fees, and so forth.

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How Does Piggyvest Work?

Piggyvest accounts allow you to save and invest.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to have it every day, weekly, or monthly.

As well as other investment options, you can also invest in guaranteed fixed income opportunities.

You can open a Piggyvest account via the website or the mobile app. 

Is Pigyvest Safe And Legit?

Piggyvest is a legit and safe platform to save and invest in Nigeria. Your personal information and money are protected. To ensure your data is secure and protected, we use the highest level of Banking Security. This encryption uses 256 bits SSL security encryption.

It is licensed and registered with the NDIC, CBN, and SEC and also has bank-level security.

Who Owns Piggyvest?

Any Nigerian bank does not own a piggy vest.

Odunayo Akinola and Joshua Chibueze founded the company. The company has raised over $1.2 million (seed) so far. Ventures Platform, Village Capital, and VilCap Investments are some of the investors.

Is My BVN Safe With Piggyvest?

Piggyvest will ensure that your BVN remains safe.

This platform requires your BVN to validate your identity and protect against identity theft. The piggy vest is also required by regulatory bodies to request its customers’ BVN. This adds an additional layer of security to your account.

How Do I Make Money With Piggyvest?

With this platform, you will be able to make money from the interest of your savings, and you will as well receive  N1000 when you refer one member.

How Much Interest Do I Get From Piggyvest?

Users of Piggyvest can earn 10% to 15% interest annually on their savings plans. The platform offers investment plans that can earn as much as 25% interest.

How To Invest Money With Piggyvest?

Follow these steps to invest with Piggyvest

1.  Create an account

2. Click on investify to open your PiggyVesy Account Dashboard.

3. Look at the investment options and choose the one you like.

Notice: N3000 is the minimum amount that you can invest in most investment opportunities on investify.

Piggyvest Saving Options

There are five ways to save with Piggyvest. Piggyvest offers Safelock, Targets, and Flex Naira, as well as Piggybank and Piggybank. Each of these options has its unique ways of working and interests. The main features of the five are the three first. Choose the one that best suits your savings goals and start building your savings habits. 

1. Piggybank

Piggybank lets you save money in a Piggyvest wallet. This simple plan allows you to save money for when you don’t need it. You can only withdraw your savings once per 3 months. You can also use the automatic deposit feature to transfer cash automatically. This type of savings plan can earn you up to 8% per year.

2. SafeLock

This type of savings option will help you save more money. This type of savings is usually fixed and is paid upfront. You can lock the funds for a while after you have transferred funds (minimum ten days). This plan offers higher interest rates than other savings plans and can earn up to 12.5% per year.

3. Target Savings

Target Savings allows you to save towards a goal. The money will be held in Piggyvest until it is used. This money is great for buying a car, purchasing a phone, or undertaking a project. This plan can be used individually or in a group to save money. Earn up to 8% annually in interest

What are the products that Piggyvest has?

Piggyvest offers a variety of features (wallets) that are geared towards investments and savings. These wallets include:

  • Piggybank Savings Wallet
  • Safelock
  • Flex Naira
  • Flex Dollar
  • Target Savings
  • Investify

Piggyvest Savings Wallet

This is the core Piggy vest savings feature. You can choose how much you want to save.

The autosave or quicksave options can help you save money. The autosave option automatically takes money from your account without you having to do it manually.

You can also decide how often money should be taken out of your account. This can be set to occur daily, weekly, or monthly.

You have the option to withdraw your money from piggyvest 4 times in a year. 


With a safe lock, you can set money aside for a specific period.

Safelock can also be used as a sub-account. You can transfer funds from both your Piggyvest wallet or from your debit card to Safelock.

Safelock funds have an annual interest rate of 15.5%. Safelock money can be held for up to 1000 days.

Flex Naira

Flex Naira accounts are where earned interest on all Piggy vest accounts (wallet) is paid.

Flex Naira is a flexible savings account that can earn interest of 10%.

You can only withdraw from this account no more than four times. To avoid losing all the interest earned for the month.

You can make use of the flex naira account to fund any other wallets.

Flex Dollar

You can make use of flex dollars to invest, transfer dollars and save.

Flex Dollar Accounts have an interest rate of 6% per year.

You can withdraw money from your Flex Dollar wallet in either Naira or Dollars. Dollar funds can be withdrawn to a domiciliary account.

Target Savings

With the target savings, you can save money towards a specific goal. You can save money for your rent, household items, vacations, etc.

Target Savings also offers 10% annual interest.

How can I withdraw money from Safelock PiggyVest?

You have the right to lock your money for a specific date, and you will be able to withdraw at any time.

This date can be set by you once the withdrawal date has passed. You will receive your money to your Flex account, where you can withdraw for free.

How can I cancel my PiggyVest Account?

You may stop using this company’s services by closing your account and canceling the terms you have with them at any time by contacting the company at contact@piggyvest.com or 0700 933 933 933

Are Piggyvests good options for saving and investing?

Piggyvest was Nigeria’s first digital savings app.

There are many ways by which you can make money with this app, such as investment option

There are many other great apps that can help you save and invest in Nigeria, such as V by VFD and Cowrywise.

Piggyvest Customer care 

These are the top reasons customers contact PiggyVest

  1. Charges
  2. Piggyvest Customer Care Whatsapp number
  3. How to Unflag Your Piggyvest Account
  4. Target Savings
  5. Password Reset
  6. Is Piggyvest Legit
  7. Otp
  8. Interests
  9. Flex Dollar
  10. Piggy Points
  11. Safety and Security
  12. Opening an Account
  13. Mobile App
  14. Piggyvest Customer Care Number
  15. How to Choose the Right Plan
  16. Email address for Piggyvest
  17. Bvn
  18. Safelock
  19. Piggyvest Customer Care Email
  20. Piggyvest Customer Care number
  21. Withdrawals
  22. Piggyvest Customer Care number
  23. Piggyvest Contact Number
  24. Piggyvest 2Fa
  25. Piggyvest Customer Care Email
  26. Investify
  27. Piggyvest Contact Number
  28. Does Cbn approve Piggyvest
  29. Does Cbn approve Piggyvest
  30. Piggyvest Customer Care Number
  31. Flex Naira

How to contact PiggyVest Customer Service

PiggyVest Investment has addressed most of your complaints, and I am happy to tell you that we are here to help you.

You must ensure that your login information is kept secret from anyone outside PiggyVest’s customer service department.

To submit your report, please click the contact link below.

PiggyVest Customer Service Phone Numbers

Phone number: 0700 93 933 933 933

Piggyvest Office Address, Lagos (Nigeria)

Tesmot House, 3 Abdulrahman Okene Close, off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Email address for Piggyvest


Steps To PiggyVest Login On Mobile & Web Portal:

Login to PiggyVest

You can access your account via the internet or the mobile app. All you need to do to access it is to follow these simple steps.

When you sign in to your account, you can save small amounts of money (Daily/Weekly or Monthly) towards a savings goal OR lock away funds over a set period. You will also be able to access your Account information and other helpful information from the site.

PiggyVest Dashboard:

Logging allows you to do the following:

  • You can track your transactions easily
  • You can save it manually or automatically.
  • Lock your keys away easily funds for a specific period.
  • You can stop overspending by allowing you to hold on to funds that you don’t want easily.
  • Get your Savings Plans.
  • Get your withdrawal account
  • Save More Than 10%
  • Get a Return on Investments of Over 13%
  • Make your first deposit to activate your account.

Steps To PiggyVest Login On Mobile

Before you can log in to your mobile phone, you must have first downloaded the Apk. To log in, follow the steps below.

  • Download the file PiggyVest app from to your mobile phone.
  • Click on login
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your Password
  • Click login, you will then be taken to your destination PiggyVest Dashboard.

Sign In to PiggyVest’s Web Portal

  1. Go to www.Piggyvest.com
  2. Click Login in the top right
  3. Enter your registered email address or phone number
  4. Enter your password

How to Start Saving on PiggyVest

  • After completing the Login Steps,
  • Your withdrawal account can be set
  • Make your first savings deposit to activate your account. Use a MasterCard, Visa, or Verve card from any bank in Nigeria.
  • Next, create your savings plan.

Are you using a mobile app?

Yes. Yes! The mobile app can only be used on iOS and Android.

CLICK HERE to download on iOS

CLICK HERE to download on Android

How safe is PiggyVest?

All financial information is protected and stored according to PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance standards. PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance refers to a set of rules that credit card companies have established and audited by an independent third party.
This is the highest rating possible in electronic payment processing. All data sent to our bank partner and our site are encrypted via 256-bit SSL SSL.

What is OTP?
This password is used to initiate transfers or withdrawals from your Piggyvest account.

What is 2FA, and how does it work with Piggyvest

This adds an extra layer of security to your Piggyvest account’s transfers and withdrawals.

Log in to your dashboard, click on “Account,” then select “My account settings.”

Click on 2FA to enter a security question.

How safe is my money?
Piggybank.ng was a partnership with two Microfinance banks. We used their licenses. In early 2018, however, we purchased the license of Gold Microfinance bank. We are also a Piggytech Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited (Registration Number, 16555).

All funds saved are stored with and managed in Nigeria by AIICO Capital. This is the most reputable asset management company in Nigeria.

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