How To Start MTN VTU Or Airtime Buying And Selling Business

Making money has no limits. We must always look for means to make more money. Today, I will take you through how to start VTU (Virtual TopUp) or airtime buying and selling business.

This business is risky as there are scammers that do lure people into sending them airtime and reselling them to you.

When such occurs and a case is reported, the network might wipe off the airtime from your lines.

This means that you must be very careful about dealing with airtimes.

How To Start VTU or Airtime Buying And Selling Business

start vtu or airtime business

The procedure is simple and straightforward for all networks.

I made a video on how to start mtn vtu or airtime vending which I will share with you at the end of this article.

Look For Legit Airtime Sellers

If you are looking forward to buying and selling airtime, you should consider finding legitimate airtime sellers.

This set of people can be hard to find as some people already turned the buying and selling business into a scam zone.

Not to worry, there are still more of legit ones around.

How to know the real ones:

They do make use of their real numbers and names. Most of them don’t sell small quantities and will talk to you via call.

Do not transact huge amounts on the first few transactions to build trust.

From my guide on how to start data bundle reselling business, I shared some dealer numbers with my buyers.

Getting Buyers For Your New Airtime Business

You can get buyers for your airtime from anywhere. Make sure to promote your business to the right audience.

A few promotion tips were shared in my guide to promoting a new telecom business.

Get your friends to buy from you.

Tell them to repost and reshare.

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