How To Advertise Or Promote Data Reselling Business

Data reselling business is very much saturated now. Yet, there is still money-making potential in the business when you know how to promote your data business.

You might want to check out my full guide on how to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria.

Let’s quickly run through the steps as I will make them as quick and understandable as possible.

How To Promote Data Reselling Business

promote data reselling business

To survive in this data reselling business, you must have a good number of customers.

Selling over 1TB of data per day will require an average of 500 active users daily.

These promotional tips on data bundle reselling business will help you grow more if you put them to use.

Friends and Family

The very set of people that will help you in this promotion journey is your friends and family.

Tell them about your services and convince them to advertise on their social media accounts.

You can promise the commissions or offer them a discount on every new customer they bring you.

Facebook Promotion

It is not new anymore that you can sell anything on Facebook. You have to plan on capturing the right audience so as to get leads for your data business.

Tell your friends to repost or share your wall posts on theirs as well.

Post to groups around you in a way facebook won’t count as spamming of community.


WhatsApp is also a great promotional tool. You can make use of broadcasts, status, or direct messages. Contact your WhatsApp contacts and share with them what you offer.

Join WhatsApp groups and post about your business in them. As well, pay other group admins to post your ad copy to their groups.

One important method is the use of WhatsApp TV. These are people with a high number of contact lists.

They charge a token for them to share your content on their statuses which a lot of people will see.


Forum commenting is also a great way to get more users. Register on active forums and be active on them.

Post about your business and let other forum users know why they should go for your service.

Forum commenting is a very effective method for business promotion.

Paid Adverts on Google, Facebook, Bing, etc

Paid adverts are also a great way to drive traffic to your data website. You can make use of google ads, Facebook ads, and bing ads.

There are a lot of ad companies you can use, but those mentioned above are the recommended ones.


No business will succeed without customers. You need to keep the vibe of promoting your data bundle reselling business high always.

The above-mentioned tips are tested and work to date.

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