Data Bundle Reselling Business In Nigeria 2022

Data bundle reselling business in Nigeria is now a fast-growing online/offline business. A day can’t go by without someone making use of the internet, which is definitely being paid to stay connected, so are lots of chances to make money from it.

What Is Data Bundle Reselling Business?

Data Bundle Reselling business simply means the buying of internet data bundles in bulk or large quantities from network carriers and selling in them slits, that is, smaller units to end-users, so as to make profits.

The buying and selling of internet data bundles are lucrative. As people can’t do without the internet on a daily basis, they need to stay subscribed by paying certain amounts which cannot be avoided.

Not everyone is ready to be paying that high amount network charges when there are data resellers who sell at cheaper prices.

For example, MTN sells 1.5gb at 1000, and you can get 4gb at the same price value from a data bundle reseller.

A data bundle reseller buys data bundle in bulk and resells in slits at a cheaper price, compared to that of the network themselves.

You actually need customers before you start making money from this data business.

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When you know how to reach out to your customers, you will always make the best of profits on a monthly basis.

I don’t really have much to say on this topic because it is very simple and easy. All you have to do is just to follow the guide in this article on How to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria.

I have written this article in a question-and-answer format.

This is to make things easier because I have answered if not all, but touched every aspect a beginner needs to know about this data bundle reselling business pack.

But before that, I had recently shared a guide on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria and how you can own a data reselling website. You can check it out and make it a side hustle as well.

data bundle reselling business in nigeria

Data reselling business can be started in two different ways.

  1. Become an Independent reseller: Whereby you are your own boss. you sell the data directly from your mobile phone and need no internet. You control your price here.
  2. Retail reseller: Here, you work for a company or person (you serve as a middleman). These companies or persons already made the deals and give out cheap prices for you to resell. They control the price but you only need to add your profits to it.

Let us start with the second option. As it has no risk and requires low capital.

Here, you can work with our data reselling company; Thefortuneweb. We offer the cheapest price on the internet.

But before that, let me quickly take you through the price list at which you can buy these data bundles from our company.

MTN Data prices have recently changed (increased). This table has been updated with the new prices.

MTN CG230 – 250 per GB
MTN SME215 – 235 per GB
GLO70% – 85%
AIRTEL CG280 – 320 per GB
Table showing the current price list per GB or percentage of actual network price.

Now that you have known the direct prices, it is yours to decide and set your profit margin. But, I advise setting this based on the market price from other data resellers. A N50 profit on each sale is not too much.

What Is Data Bundle Reselling Pack?

Data bundle reselling pack is a reseller package that allows you to buy internet data subscriptions in bulk and distribute to your beneficiaries in smaller units.

Who Are Data Resellers?

Data resellers are individuals that run internet data bundle reselling business. They buy data bundles in bulk/pack and resell them at their price which will vary based on data bundle sizes.

You don’t actually need to own a website or deal directly with the network providers before you start reselling data and airtime vtu.

How To Become A Data Bundle Reseller?

If you are looking into how to make money online and offline, this is a great opportunity for you. As people cannot do without buying internet data subscriptions every day. You can get a share from these daily data bundle purchases.

You can be making over N25000 in profits every month as a starter. You buy at cheaper prices and resell at your price. This means, that your profits solely depend on you.

This business is one of the businesses that generate extra income for you.

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Benefits Of A Data Bundle Reseller

  • You earn money per sale (as low as N50). For instance, if you buy MTN 1GB at the rate of N300, you can resell it at N400 or N500. That gives you a profit of N100 or N200 respectively.
  • You don’t need huge capital to start this business.
  • Building your brand for yourself.
  • Making and building an online presence.
  • You gain people’s trust and this leads to more sales even when you introduce your own products to them.

What Are The Networks That I Can Resell Their Data?

The four major networks in Nigeria are MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, Airtel. But as of now, 9mobile data is not available on site.

Hope This Is Not the Same As SME?

Yes, This is the same as SME but what makes it different is that there is no risk for you. You don’t need to spend N10000 to buy in bulk or have different sims before you can sell for all networks.

These companies had taken this place and taken the risk too.

All you need is an internet connection. You will have an online wallet with our company where your data purchases will be charged from.

Also, no expiry of your money because your data expiry will start only when you make a purchase for the data.

What Is The Company Like?

Thefortuneweb is owned and managed by me (Hope Adeniran), the owner of this blog.

Our data vending portal is free to use with no hidden charges.

It is from your deposited money in your online wallet that all your transactions will be deducted.

How Do I Fund My Account?

There are options available for account funding;

  1. Card payments (Credit Cards or Debit Cards).
  2. Bank deposits or transfers.
  3. Airtime deposits (charges 20%).

Whichever method you select, your account gets credited instantly except for bank transfers into our account (which take up to 20 minutes). More info can be seen on the website page.

How Instant Can My Wallet Be Funded?

It is instant when you use your credit/debit card and make online transfers through banking apps, other method takes up to 20 minutes.

When Can I Buy Data?

You can buy data 24/7.

How Fast Is The Data Delivery?

This depends on the network’s strength but I tell you, it has always been instant. There is a column on the dashboard page where you see the signal strengths of networks before you make a purchase. When the signal is poor, the delivery gets slow. But, when excellent, it’s fast.

Hope This Is Not A Scam?

No and never, VERY LEGIT.

How Much Can I Use To Start This Data Reselling Business?

You can start with as low as N1000, depending on the data size price you are purchasing. But I do recommend you to start with N5000 or higher. This will save you from bank charges and also make you monitor your profits well.

How Much Can I Earn From This Business?

This really depends on your marketing skills and how devoted you are. You have to promote or advertise to people that you sell cheap browsing data bundles. The more clients you get, the more money you make.

For example, if you make 10 sales daily and get a profit of N50 to N100 on each sale, you earn N500 to N1000 daily and that’s N15000 to N30000 monthly.

How Are My Profits Paid?

You don’t have to get paid by the company. All your profits are in your bank account. Whenever you get a customer, they pay your charged price into your bank account. You then buy from your balance on the website at a normal rate.

That is, if you charge N400 for MTN 1GB and the buyer pays into your account, you then pay N300 for the 1GB on the our data vending website from your available wallet balance. So, you have a profit of N100 in your bank account.

How Do I Make More Sales?

As I mentioned earlier, this depends on your marketing skills. You can make more sales by posting on social media, emailing your friends, and advertising on forums and blogs.

Even, you can make handbills and wall posters to paste around.

For more insight on how to promote or advertise your data business, I have shared this must-read data business promotion strategy.

Effective Ways To Promote Your Data Reselling Business

I have also packaged a guide that will teach you how to use WhatsApp as a powerful marketing tool and make sales (only available for you when you choose the independent Reseller option).

How To Become A Data Bundle Reseller?

To become a data reseller is very easy. Simply register an account from the link below and fund your online wallet.

You can become a mtn data reseller, glo data reseller, or airtel data reseller from this portal.

buy cheap mtn data, buy cheap glo data, buy cheap airtel data at fast delivery speed.

Visit our portal on

Make sure to input your valid details during registration. Your account will be activated instantly for business if you fund your account. For help, you can contact Hope Adeniran via

Other Services Available

  • Cable TV subscriptions. E.g. GoTV, DsTV and Startimes.
  • Send bulkSMS.
  • Buy airtime VTU.
  • Have lifetime support from admin (ME).

All these are the benefits you are entitled to as a member of TheFortuneWeb.

Before we proceed, let me share this with you:

The right time to start selling internet bundles is now. Why?

The minimum profit you make on each sale is N100 on selling MTN data alone. You buy mtn 1GB at N250 and sell at N300.

If you can be making 10 sales daily of 1GB, that’s N1000 in profits for you daily and in a month, that’s N30,000.

These sales are easy to attain daily if you know how to promote your new data business.

Also, remember that it’s just a side business. You can keep doing your daily work and have this extra 30k monthly.

Now to the first option to start this business which is Independent reselling.

You can be your own boss just like me and make more money daily.

Independent Data Bundle Reselling

This section is for you if you are looking into making all the profits, and want other resellers to be under you.

Here, you will learn how to vend directly from the networks. but before that, go through this article: How to start MTN VTU business.

All that we use in running data business is airtime. So, you will need airtime to start this.

How To Get Airtime For Data Vending?

You can get suppliers online when you do your research. But, I tell you, it’s hard to get a supplier.

You need to get this airtime at discounted prices to get more profits.

But before that, let me share you a bit of my success journey. I promise, it won’t be boring…

This is no joke at all and no bragging…


How I started data reselling business

It was around September 2017, while I was in college. Looking for ways to make extra money from the comfort of my room when I stumbled upon a guy’s advertisement on nairaland about data bundle reselling.

I noticed his data prices were very cheap compared to that of the network and I started buying from him.

I proclaimed the good news to my friends, and as you know, students love cheap things. They were so eager to buy theirs too. So, I then thought of, how could I make money from these transactions.

I contacted the data seller on what will be my commissions for referring buyers to him and he replied: ” you get N50 on each transaction from you”. I thought that’s fair enough and we started making deals.

After some days, I thought of being the boss myself.

Why can’t I be on my own and make more money? Why would I work more for a token?

Those were the questions that kept popping up on my mind.

So, I contacted the data seller to teach me how to be independent in this business. He requested for payment of N5000 before he could teach me.

At first, I thought that’s too much to pay and as a student, I can’t afford that. I made some google search on other data sellers and contacted them too. They also requested for money.

It was one of them that I pleaded with to help me as I am a student trying to survive on my own. He then told me free things don’t last. That, it’s what you pay for that you will value more.

He then told me to pay N3500 for the tutor, which I did and he put me through the steps.

There is one thing I want you to know, which is very important:

Anytime you are sourcing for information, and you get it free of charge online or elsewhere, and this same information is held for purchase by an individual. I do advise to go for the paid one.

Especially if the information is business related.


Paid information is tested by the seller. He/she will guide and explain to your understanding, and they are always available for support. That’s what makes it different from each other.

The information on data reselling business I got from the guy was actually online, free of charge.

But, it wasn’t fully explained.

There were some restrictions that weren’t mentioned which the guy told me and explained how I could avoid them.

Though this is not applied to all information. But, when it’s business, I don’t go for free things.

For example, All guides purchased from this blog have lifetime support from me. I attend to every query my buyers send and I also help them. I do make sure what they pay for is worth paying for. That’s why I have more testimonies on each product sales page.

If you are just starting out, you can read the introduction article on how you can make more sales.

Enough of the piece of advice and story right?

Yes, now back to the main discussion.

I started vending data directly from networks myself and I took in all profits.

To get more awareness, I printed handbills that entailed my data prices and sizes and pasted them on walls around my college. Joined online groups (WhatsApp and FaceBook) and advertised there. Especially my school groups and I also give people who bring buyers commission like I had while I was new too.

With all these activities, I was able to get more sales and also more money daily.

On each sale, I was making least of N100 per sale and I do make over 20 sales daily. Which amounts to least of N2000 daily and #60000 monthly.

Each day, I kept thinking about ways to grow my data business and now, I have my online data vending company that has over 1650 active resellers under it.

So, do you want to stand alone and call the online businesses a scam?

I am a fashion designer and a fish technologist who hasn’t put these learned skills to work (have plans though) but rather sit at home and make my money to my satisfaction.

I have other income sources online which also makes me over 5 figures each month.

You can access my profile on Facebook via the author’s box at the end of this article. I’m just very legit.

All these requires hard work. If you keep shouting scam, you are scamming yourself from earning opportunities without knowing.

Data reselling business is real and legit. It can make you a fortune if dealt with seriously.

Becoming an Independent Data Reseller

This is the only way you can take all the profits. The only way you can have lots of resellers to work for you.

Ebook Summary (What You Will Get)

You can learn this business directly from me at a cheap rate. I will let you know how to:

  • Vend all network data by yourself without visiting any website or contacting someone,
  • Where to buy bulk airtime at cheaper prices so as to maximize your profits,
  • To avoid restrictions so as to make enough gains,
  • how to capture more customers, resellers precisely.
  • Sell cableTV subscriptions.
  • send bulk SMS and make profits.
  • Sell VTU for all networks
  • Pay Electricity bills for people.
  • Cheap website incase you need one (NEW)

I made videos available for a better understanding. You will receive all the necessary information from me. Plus, lifetime support on this business.

Capital Needed To Start Data Business

For a start, you need a little capital. Though it’s only mtn that requires much capital.

Airtel and Glo least capital is 5000, while mtn least capital is 10000.

I’ll explain to you how you can calculate and make your profits from this.

All these for just N15000.

Expensive right? No, It’s not. Because I’m teaching you the master secrets to grow in this business. But, I won’t sell to you at that price for the next 4 hours.

This offer price is just for you within 4 hours. Get access to all these for just ₦2000

It’s not a must for you to have this guide and tutorial.


You can continue as a retail reseller.

You can click the back button if you like.

But, if you look forward to earning over N90k monthly just like me, this lecture is absolutely for you, and I promise you won’t regret going for it.

Promo ends after 4 hours of viewing this article and the price gets back to ₦15000 (our website tracks user cookies for the timing).

Kindly note that I’m not promising you of earning 90k per month instantly. You will start from somewhere but, when you are persistence, you earnings grow day by day.

Don’t chat me up for a discount or to ask if it is real. I will not respond. 

This is a no by force business. We also don’t want competition. I am just trying to help.

A lot of resellers out there are coming to me for data to resell. But, I want you too to have people running to you to resell. Take all the profits too and make more money.

If you are ready for business, make payment of ₦2000 Online now and your files would be downloaded immediately.

If you can’t pay online above, you can use the bank accounts below

UBA (ADENIRAN HOPE – 2100620937)

After payment, send a text message of this format to 08102751724
Paid N2000 Data Business Guide from Your Depositor name. Date of payment, Email address.
eg. Paid N2000 data business guide from Olayinka. 7/4/2021,

You can as well WhatsApp me on 08108150067 for payment confirmation.

You won’t regret going for this business. Yes, I mean it.


I have also gotten some bonuses for you. Only for those who bought this guide.

How To Use WhatsApp As A Powerful Marketing Tool (worth ₦5000)

You will learn how to turn WhatsApp into a money-making machine. How to get people to trust you, save your contacts and buy your services.

This opportunity is limited. I can decide to give this guide out at N10000 anytime from now. So, it’s better to act fast while others are.

The above bonus worth #5k will be yours once you make payment of ₦2,000. Don’t miss this opportunity as the bonuses can be withdrawn anytime.

It’s now left for you to make a decision and get yourself registered as a reseller to start making money. Remember, success does not come if a step is not taken.

Hope to hear from you in the comment section below.

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