Create Or Own A Data Reselling Website In Nigeria

Hi guys, welcome to cyberconnect NG. Today, I will give you an insight on how to create or own a data reselling website.

For you to be on this page, that means you must have searched for ways of getting a data bundle reselling website of your won.

With not much talk, let us get straight to the point.

How To Own Or Create A Data Reselling Website

create or own data reselling website

Are you new to this business and looking for customers, This article will help you on how to promote your data reselling business.

Getting a website to resell your data is of 2 types:

  1. The Independent Website.
  2. API Rested Website.

1. The Independent Website

This type of website requires huge capital, as you will get your sim cards hosted for each network. You will also buy data in bulk to be able to resell to others.

The investment needed for this type of website ranges from 500k to 1M in Nigerian Naira.

I know you will be thinking within yourself now that “that’s a huge amount”.

Yes, It is.

To get good and reliable hosting from Namecheap, it cost around 27,000 NGN per year.

Simcard hosting per sim costs 5000NGN with some companies while some charge 10,000NGN for all sim networks.

Remember, these sim hostings are charged per month.

That’s around 12000NGN per Year.

You buy the highest bulk data bundle to be able to make more profits and sell at cheaper rate.

For MTN SME, you buy 25TB which costs 5.77Million NGN. but on the safer side, you can buy 1TB at 250,000NGN.

But, the person buying 25TB will sell cheaper than you that bought 1TB.

So, it is time to pay the website developer.

A well-designed and secured website will cost you not less than 200,000NGN depending on the features present on the website.

Some developers might charge you lesser prices. But, it’s good to put your mind at rest while setting up a business.

I charge my readers (those that subscribe to my newsletter popup) 150,000NGN for an independent website that offers only data, VTU, Cable, and Electricity payment.

Below are the features I offer for creating an independent website.

  • Data for all networks.
  • VTU all networks.
  • Cable TV Subs.
  • Electricity payment.
  • Referral system.
  • Airtime to Cash.

The website takes 2-3 days to be ready. and we accept payment twice if needed.

2. API Rested Website

This kind of website is what I do recommend for those who do not have huge capital to start his business.

You can start with just 50,000NGN and start selling on your website.

All you need is to provide your developer with a website to rest your website on for transactions.

API rested means that all data being bought on your website will be debited and sent from the API owner site.

Depending on the features mentioned above, I charge 40,000NGN for API rested website.

Kindly note that all details of CPanel stays with us.

You will be given admin privileges will be given to your after payment.

The website is ready within 24 to 72hours depending on the jobs at hand during the period.

You can chat us on WhatsApp for more information via 08102751724.

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