Chipper Cash App Review For Nigerians

The difficulty and the ridiculous charges of moving money from one country to another are simply what Chipper Cash App was built to solve. Chipper Cash App is known for being stress-free and less charge on money transfers to folks within African countries.

In a tagline, Chipper Cash App is a legit digital platform that allows you to send and receive money across African countries for free.

The following are what I will be feeding you as regards Chipper Cash App review.

  • Newly added features of Chipper Cash App
  • Who owns Chipper Cash App and how legit is the app?
  • Security features of Chipper Cash App
  • How to download and create an account on Chipper Cash App
  • How to send money with Chipper Cash App
  • Chipper Cash Features for every Nigerians:
  • How to make cool cash on Chipper Cash App (Referral program)
  • How to acquire the cards (both NGN & USD cards)

Let’s get started!

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Chipper Cash App Features (Addendum)

Like the cliche goes: “change is the only constant thing” Chipper Cash App is definitely evolving.

The app is currently available in many countries compared to the seven East African countries with which it started.

You can now send and receive money beyond African countries with the app, pay bills instantly, buy airtime at a discount, invest in foreign stocks, and also receive tips and payment as a creator.

Who owns Chipper Cash App?

Chipper Cash App was founded in 2018 by two Africans; Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled, who have previously worked in Silicon Valley.

The app currently has over 4 million users and is also being featured by reputable companies such as Forbes, Apple company, The Economist, and BBC.

Chipper Cash app became an African Unicorn not too long and it is valued at $2B; these facts alone prove the authenticity of the app, so you really do not have to be worried or get yourself worked up about the “what ifs” on your mind.

Security Features of Chipper Cash App

Chipper Cash App is armed with adequate security, all to the end that your account and fund are duly protected from fraudulent activities.

It uses a Two-Step Authentication which is sent via SMS before you can log back into your Chipper wallet account, you will also be required to enter your Chipper PIN whenever you want to use the app and you could as well hide your account balance whenever you are on the app.

How to download Chipper Cash App

To download Chipper Cash App, you simply have to go to your playstore or app store depending on the device you are using (Android or iPhone).

I must let you know that the app is user-friendly and very responsive. Upon download, you are to proceed to create an account using either your phone number or your email address.

A message containing a six-digit code to verify your phone number or email address will be immediately sent to you. Then you will be required to supply basic details like your first & last name, date of birth, email address, phone number, address, gender, place of birth, chipper tag (your unique name), and BVN.

Do not panic! Your BVN is safe with Chipper Cash App.

As stated earlier, the app is legit. The request of BVN alone shows that it has some authorizations with one of the government agencies, hence your BVN is safe with Chipper Cash App.

Moreover, you will always be alerted by your bank whenever there is a touch on your personal account either in form of SMS or an email.

How to send money with Chipper Cash App

To send money to other Chipper Cash users, you simply have to log in to your Chipper Cash account and navigate to the Activity tab.

Select the receiver’s contact name on your phone’s contact book or by searching for the person’s chippertag.

Input the amount to be sent and the description of the transaction purpose for future reference.

Ensure you confirm the destination currency. Voila! Your transaction should be a success.

On the other hand, if a Chipper Cash User sends money to a non-user. A payment invite via SMS will be sent to the receiver. The receiver is therefore expected to create a Chipper Cash account with the same phone number to have access to the money sent.

The following are the Chipper Cash Features for Nigerians:

First, you can send & receive money across Africa and even UK. To achieve this, the sender and the receiver have to own an account each on the Chipper Cash.

The icing on the cake is that transactions are super-duper fast.

Second, you can pay bills instantly at free charge and also buy airtime at a discount.

Third, creators can receive tips and payments.

Fourth, you can invest in Foreign Stocks – You can buy fractional shares of the biggest companies in the world (e.g Facebook, Amazon & co)

Fifth, Chipper Card – A digital/Virtual card for online purchases where you automatically earn 5% cash back on your purchases for a limited time.

How to make cool cash on Chipper Cash App

Chipper Cash App has a referral program that enables you to earn cool cash from the comfort of your home whenever anyone signs up and verifies his/her account.

The money earned through this app can be withdrawn into your bank account anytime you desire.

You can download Chipper Cash App here

As I wrap this review up, it is important to note that Chipper Cash App reverse transactions due to network glitch and you have the opportunity of writing to their customer support personnel.

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