fandk savings review

FandK Savings: Save and Invest In Nigeria

When it comes to choosing a reputable savings platform in Nigeria, FandK Savings is one of the best to start your savings journey with.

cowrywise review

Cowrywise Review: Top Savings and Investment App in Nigeria

I was an undergraduate when Cowrywise was first mentioned to me by a friend. I can remember vividly how she laid emphasis on the features of Cowrywise review; that I can save and invest electronically on the app. She even added that the app is…

easy money saving tips

Financial Tips To Save Money For Intending Money Savers

Saving a fraction of your daily, weekly, or monthly income for a particular purpose or on rainy days seems difficult to achieve especially for adults. This is because life happens to those in the working-class group: an urgent need arises, the desire to keep up…

chipper cash app

Chipper Cash App Review For Nigerians

The difficulty and the ridiculous charges of moving money from one country to another are simply what Chipper Cash App was built to solve. Chipper Cash App is known for being stress-free and less charge on money transfers to folks within African countries. In a…

piggyvest review

PiggyVest Review: Savings And Investment App In Nigeria

There are many investment platforms out there; nevertheless, among the top investment platforms in  Nigeria is piggyvest. was the original name of the platform. However, as Piggyvest added investment features to its service, it became Piggyvest. PiggyVest Review Some of us grew up with…