15 Free Apps To Watch Movies Online

Good news, movie buffs! I am super elated to bring to your notice that you need not mull over movie subscription fees or where to get movies to satisfy the cinephile in you anymore. Below are 15 free Apps to watch movies online.

 I have simply compiled a list of completely legal free movie apps for you. All it requires for access is of course an internet-enabled mobile phone (either android or iPhone) and you can see movies on the go, come with me as I unpack the list.

free apps to watch movies online


Filmzie is one of the best legal free movie apps, the icing on the cake is that movies are HD quality and they are harbored based on genres. There are tons of full-length movies for free and as well short movies.

Filmzie works on android, iOS, smart Tv, and more. Simply go straight to your play or app store for download and begin feeding your movie hunger.


Right on Plex app are neatly organized on-demand movies without a subscription, live TV shows, podcasts, and music streaming.

This free movie app work on any device. It houses Hollywood, independent films, blockbusters, etc.

I must let you know that you will have almost no trouble navigating the interface.

The occasional ads are the major turn-off for viewers but it is not a big deal considering you pay nothing for the movies.


Kflix is home for scintillating HD-quality movies. With the smart search feature, your favorite movie can be found in split seconds.

At the time of publishing this post, the subtitles option is unavailable on the app and the movie app works best on android mobile devices.


Showmax houses a plethora of award-winning movies, TV shows, kid’s shows, sport,s and many more. It is available for phones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and media players.

For new subscribers, you can watch movies and shows on this app for a period of 14 days without paying a dime.

All you need to effect this free trial is your email address, credit or debit card and of course, the showmax app downloaded to your device.

First, hit the “try free” button on showmax app, then you will be required to sign up by providing your email address and creating a strong password.

Then, choose from showmax standard (R99) or mobile plan.

Next, select a debit or credit card to start your 14-30 days free trial.


This app simply links you to where you can legally watch movies of your choice for free with ads, buy or rent.

It works more like a search engine; you simply input movie titles and it provides you possible options where they can be watched both for free with ads and where you can either buy or rent.

Though, your movie search on this app is not just limited to specific titles, other categories like genres, release year, age rating, etc. are capable of aiding your desired movie search.

JustWatch works on androids and iPhones, it could also be found on internet browsers.

Box Movie Browser

This app is not just a movie browser, it is also a free video downloader app with amazing features such as a powerful search engine, one-click easy download, 4X fast download speed, and HD video player.

At its heart, you can simply search, download and watch offline or you could watch your favorite movie genres online without a subscription fee.


This is well known for blockbusters like Squid Game and award-winning movies that you can watch on paid plans.

Netflix does not offer free trials however, there is now the hacked version of this streaming app which allows you to watch movies from the app on another app at no cost. Though, I do not recommend this hacked version.

Netflix is available on all devices; Android, iPhone, PC, etc.


This is another great free movie app. It houses over 35, 000 movies and shows, all neatly organized based on genres.

When you select a movie, it simply takes you to its description page where information such as its release date, genre, duration, etc. are displayed.

Tubi has a user-friendly interface and it is available for your mobile phones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs.

At the moment, Tubi has no download to watch later feature, movies can simply be watched online only.


This made it to my list of free movie apps because movie buffs can have access to the gallery of movies at no cost on this app. The truth is you need to tolerate tons of ads if you will be seeing movies for free on Vudu.

Movies are regularly uploaded on Vudu and you of the choice of selecting the quality with which you would see your movie.

To enjoy this app, you simply have to sign up on the app. Vudu is available on the major devices; Android, iPhone, etc.


This is another great free movie app. It doesn’t require you to submit your credit or debit card details before you can have access to the plethora of free movies.

These movies are of High Definition (HD) quality and of limited ads interruption. The downside is that it also does not have the watch offline feature.

Disney Plus

For cartoons, documentaries, and blockbusters movie fans, Disney plus is one of the best streaming apps. It also harbors a wide range of TV shows that you could catch up with anywhere you are.


Yidio is an acronym for Your Internet Video, it was founded in 2008. Yidio is special among every other mobile app that offers free movies, aside from that you could watch movies for free on it, and it also furnishes users with details of where to watch other entertaining movies and TV shows for free.

It literally gathers movies from Netflix, Crackle, and many other sources. The videos on Yidio are arranged according to genres and they are of high quality too.

It is important for you to know that you are not compelled to sign up for you to have access to the free content on Yidio.

Just like every other free movie app, a plethora of ads also pop up while seeing movies on Yidio.

For instance, a movie of about an hour and 30 minutes could contain about 8-10 short advertisements.


Crackle offers varieties of classic movies and TV shows for free. The only price you need to pay is tolerance.

Yes, you need to tolerate the commercials that would spring up while seeing your favorite movie.

I am not assuring you of blockbusters that are found on Netflix, Prime video and the likes on Crackle yet it holds movies that are capable of entertaining you at no cost.

Crackle is available on almost all the devices you can think of; Android, iPhone, Smart TV, etc.

YouTube Movies

YouTube is the largest video-sharing application. On the movie section of YouTube, you will find high-quality interesting movies for free. You need not pay a dime to watch movies on YouTube.


This is an app that offers free movie and TV shows such as comedy, reality and horror TV, etc. Your favorite movie can easily be found by using the search box available on the app.

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Having listed the free movie apps, it is important for you to know that copyright is a big concern when it comes to movies.

Though these apps are legal, not all are available in all countries. If you happen not to find any of the apps, consider using VPN.

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